This cat enthusiast from Taiwan said that he came to a complete halt when he saw a young cat stuck high up in a tree by the side of a bridge. He was heartbroken. He tried to save the cat by climbing up a tree, but the kitten managed to escape and land in the river below.

The guy submerged himself in the water in order to save the cat from going under. The frightened and soaked cat scampered away from her rescuer as quickly as she could and hid in the driver’s side door panel of his Mercedes. No matter how hard the guy and the other people trying to save the cat tried, it would not come out of its hiding place.

The determined guy then took his vehicle to a nearby dealership, where the engine was removed and the cat was set free from its confinement inside the vehicle.

Following its release from captivity, the kitten was cleaned, fed, and then taken to the veterinarian.

When asked about all the time and effort he spent into saving one cat, Joe shrugged and said, “The real job would be persuading my fiancée to let him keep it”.

The most recent evidence indicates that the guy did, in fact, adopt the kitten and bring her home with him.

Watch the exciting footage of the guy driving his Mercedes into a wall in order to free the cat that was being held captive inside.

By Elen

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