A dog is without a doubt the most trustworthy and reliable friend that someone could have. These remarkable animals will not think twice about putting their own lives in danger in order to rescue a human. The amount of bravery and commitment that they have shown is unfathomable. And this older dog’s act of kindness for his smaller sibling exemplifies that sentiment well.

After rescuing a little girl who had been missing for three years, a Blue Heeler mix named Max, who is 17 years old and deaf and partly blind, is being hailed as a hero in Queensland, Australia.

The lady who cares for Aurora was under the impression that her daughter, who is three years old, was outside playing when she suddenly realized that her daughter had vanished. The little child became lost in the woods, and her relatives immediately began to worry about the worst-case scenario. Therefore, they quickly organized a massive party with the purpose of looking for her.

However, it was an extremely challenging task. It was starting to become dark, and Aurora’s family was becoming more anxious since the little girl had disappeared wearing nothing but a flimsy T-shirt and some short jeans. Aurora was last seen wearing just those items. They were unaware, however, that the unfortunate girl was not alone in the room.

The courageous dog, despite being unable to see or hear, has protected Aurora all of this time! Because of his unwavering commitment, Aurora is still alive and undamaged. Check out the video down below for even more of this unbelievable tale!

By Anna

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