While Aaron was out and about, he met a stray dog that was living in front of a gas station and was in terrible condition.

“In the middle of all of this hectic activity on the internet, I spotted this white blob. “I could see he was empty in his eyes,” he said at one point. “I could tell he had nothing inside of him.” He was successful in filming the dog and bringing him to a veterinary facility, where it was determined that the puppy was suffering from cancer.

Homer had a tough fight ahead of him, but after three months of treatment, he was cancer-free! The dog started to wag his tail for the very first time, and everyone was able to see as his physical look started to transform in front of their own eyes.

Homer was in the process of transforming into a fluffy white teddy bear, and he no longer resembled this bald, stony-skinned puppy. And then after that, someone offered the extraordinary youngster a permanent dwelling.

By Anna

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