Because to a very uncommon condition known as poly cystic kidney disease, the son of Karen Rhodes and Paul Rybkin only survived for a total of 36 hours (PKD). The growth of cysts inside the kidneys is one of the symptoms of this condition, which may lead to renal failure.

When they found out they were going to have another child in 2013, they were overjoyed, but tragically, Maddy was born suffering from the same condition as her older brother. The two parents were extremely concerned about their daughter’s future and were looking for a way to ensure that she would have a long and fulfilling life. They refused to believe that their second kid may perish as a result of this condition. After a battle that lasted for two years, Maddy’s father was finally able to win her a second shot at life.

Maddy spent the most of her first year and a half in this world being cared for by various medical professionals. In addition to that, she required oxygen therapy and breathing tubes. As a result of the condition, the girl’s tummy was always bloated.

Maddy was rendered helpless, perpetually drowsy, and perpetually nauseous as a result of all of these factors. The doctors are starting to become concerned that they won’t be able to locate a kidney donor in time for Maddy and that she would pass away as a result.

To everyone’s relief, the physicians informed the family that the girl’s father meets all of the requirements to be a donor.

Maddy’s mother, Karen, was quite concerned about both her husband and her daughter, both of whom were about to have surgery soon.

Maddy and Paul’s surgery turned out OK, thank goodness, and Paul was able to keep his daughter alive thanks to the procedure.

Karen said that Maddy has blossomed into a young lady who is vibrant and brimming with life. She also said that Maddy is a happy and healthy 2-year-old kid today, and that her tummy is normal, if slightly rounder.

Paul is overjoyed that he was able to rescue his second kid, but he is also aware that he did for his child what any other responsible father would have done in a scenario such as this one.

“I cannot express how thankful I am that we are able to provide a pleasant and healthy upbringing for our kid. We were put through a lot of emotions and challenging experiences, but we were able to triumph over them. According to Paul, who was quoted in The Mirror, “Any parent would have done the same thing as me if he could have saved his kid by doing it this way.”

Maddy’s parents are really excited to watch how she will develop into a regular person as she gets older, particularly given the fact that the little girl has been able to move over the times when she was unwell and that she now plays with her friends.

The doctors have predicted that Maddy will need another kidney transplant in twenty-five years, but her parents are choosing to live in the present and are optimistic about their daughter’s ability to overcome this obstacle as well.

We wish for this family that they would find delight in one another and in their relationship to one another.

By Elen

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