Meet Osito, a young canine who, only lately, discovered himself to be all by himself in the world.
Osito’s family had reached the conclusion that they no longer had a need for him, but, happily, he didn’t have to spend too much time by himself.

After learning about Osito’s predicament, Felicia Quispe Arana made the decision to take him in as a foster child. Colitas Sin Techo is a shelter for stray and abandoned dogs located in Cusco, Peru. Arana is the organization’s creator.

Despite the fact that she couldn’t predict how the other people who lived in the shelter would respond to Osito at first, she was excited to meet him.

There are no pups available for adoption at our shelter. According to what Arana told The Dodo, “all of the dogs are large, and most of them are adults.” When they first saw Osito, I was unsure of how they would respond to him.

The dog, who had at first been fearful of the unfamiliar surroundings, was welcomed with such kindness that it made all the difference in the world.

According to Arana, “at first, Osito was startled by the sight of so many enormous dogs,” and Osito’s first reaction was “fear.” After he had met the other dogs, he started to feel more at ease and began to move about with a great deal of confidence.

The formerly solitary puppy quickly established a large number of new friendships. However, it wasn’t long before he accomplished something that was far more significant.

According to Arana, “We were able to identify a person who ultimately ended up adopting him.” “Now that he has a family, all I can hope for is that he lives a long and happy life.”

It is hoped that the new friends the dog has made at the shelter will experience the same level of joy.

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