There are some people who feel more comfortable taking their dogs outdoors when they have them secured on a leash, sometimes even with a choke chain. This is not a life that dogs should have to endure.

Putting them in shackles would not only deprive children of their freedom but would also make it much more difficult for them to grow as individuals. Some people may believe that it is OK as long as they are unable to flee from their homes.

This lady was at the right place at the right time to see such a lonely scene on someone’s property.

Someone called Frankie, Lola, and Friends rescue and told Lisa about a mother dog and her three pups. Lisa works for the organization. An awful scene was waiting for them when they were greeted by the proprietor of the establishment. Even though there were two adult canines tied together, only the mother was carrying the larger chain. They could tell that they had been restrained in that manner for a considerable amount of time. During this time, one of the puppies was busy tearing about the garage with great vigor.

The owner was just about to hand up custody of the puppies to the people who rescued them.

During the time when Lisa was assessing the health of the older dogs, the guy pulled a box that contained the other two pups. The guy voluntarily handed up the puppies to the authorities while assisting them in transporting the container back to the vehicle. On the other hand, when he was questioned about the chained mother dog, he categorically refused to answer their questions.

He warned them that they would not be successful in pursuing her.

After the guy began behaving in a defiant manner, Lisa immediately assumed command of the situation.

Lisa was aware that the dogs were in a dreadful situation, and they think that they are in a position to provide the assistance that these pets need. Because of this, she just cannot leave them be as they are.

Lisa approached the guy in a calm manner and congratulated him, telling him, “You’re fantastic, you did the right thing.”

Lisa persisted in her efforts to persuade the guy, but because he was adamant about not releasing the dogs, she instead offered some suggestions on how the dogs may be assisted.

But they were caught off guard by what the stranger said to them after that.

“Open the door!” the owner of the dog’s interruption.

At that time, Lisa realized that the guy was aware beforehand that his pets are in need of their assistance. When Lisa removed the leashes and shackles from the dogs, it was clear to see how happy they were.

The dogs could be persuaded to go inside their vehicle in a relatively short amount of time. Even though it was difficult for the guy to be separated from his dogs, there was nothing that could be done about the fact that they would have to spend their whole lives in chains.

These canines were given an open invitation to stay at the Frankie, Lola, and Friends rescue facility.

After giving the puppies and their mother a thorough bath, Lisa and the rest of the crew got to work administering vaccinations. The dogs certainly don’t seem to be suffering from the effects of being confined to the garage all the time. They started going out more and making more friends, which led to them gaining weight.

Even the mother dog had a sense of liberation for the very first time. She spent the most of her time at the shelter acting like a puppy and playing with the other large dogs.

It did not take very long before these canines were transported to their forever homes after being adopted.

Lisa was successful in locating individuals who would temporarily house the pups, and in due time, many families agreed to adopt them. In addition, Mama found a nicer dwelling for herself. Even with the other puppy, she was always friendly. They commented on how kind and kind she had become.

These dogs have been given the kind of life that they actually deserved, all thanks to Lisa and the rest of the crew.

By Elen

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