According to the website, a little puppy christened Chloe was discovered in a trash in Long Beach, California.

Her screams that were muffled by the rubbish bag she was hiding in led to her discovery. Her rescuers found her coated in rotting food and her fur was matted, but they had no clue the severity of the cruelty she had suffered in the past.

After taking her in, the staff at “Fix Long Beach Pets and Animals” were shocked to see that she had serious ab use scars from being beaten till she was black and blue. A nasty ab user had also urinated on her before abandoning her to her death, adding insult to injury.

Chloe had significant discomfort as a result of her shattered leg and many broken ribs. She was subjected to a number of invasive operations and unpleasant treatments, but she steadfastly maintained her right to live. Her tale quickly went viral on the internet, which resulted in a lot of people being emotional about the unfortunate dog. Chloe was able to keep fighting because to the donations, toys, and other presents that people gave her.

Chloe eventually found a place to call home with Doug and Maryann James, despite the fact that her recuperation was very painful. When they found out that Chloe would be raised by them, this kind couple broke down in tears. They took Chloe home once she had recovered physically and assisted in her emotional rehabilitation there. Chloe had relief when she was finally held by her parents.

People in the community and organizations dedicated to social welfare collaborated to raise $25,000 in order to provide a reward to anybody who can provide information leading to the identification of Chloe’s tormentor. As at this moment, he is still at large and unaccounted for. Help find Chloe’s ab user by getting the word out and passing this information along to as many people as possible.

By Elen

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