There are times when we are unable to hear the pleas for assistance made by smaller species.

However, despite the fact that some people are aware of it, most of them choose to disregard it and go on with their lives. It’s possible that very few people are prepared to sacrifice some of their time in order to assist a helpless animal, such as these restless pups that these rescuers came across.

A member of the rescue team at Northeast Animal Rescue in China received a call informing them that a puppy had been discovered close to the road.

The people that came to the rescue arrived quickly and saw a little dog laying on the grass. When the dog noticed them, he immediately took off running into the nearby bushes.

The search and rescue crew went after the dog. After that, they were taken aback to see two additional pups waiting nearby. The pups did not seem to be very frightened by them. They did nothing except stare up at the people coming to save them as they got closer.

The people who rescued the puppies took them outside to their vehicle where they retrieved some food and water for them.

The pups drank the water as quickly as they could. It was obvious that they hadn’t had anything to drink in a very long time since the previous time we saw them.

NAR gave the pups some more food and water to eat and drink. It seemed as if the pups had just had their first taste of food, which made the situation quite upsetting. The pups did not rush through the process of sating their hunger and quenching their thirst with the kindly provided food and water by NAR.

The people who came to the rescue waited around to see whether the baby’s mother would show up, but she never did.

The people who saved the babies waited for a very long time to see whether the puppies’ mother would show up. Despite this, the mother dog did not return to the location for her puppies as time went on. Then, the group was forced to make the unfortunate assumption that the mother had been taken, which is why these terrible puppies were starving to death.

The rescue crew made the executive decision to bring the pups back with them.

They came to the conclusion that there was no chance of locating their mother, therefore they made the decision to remove them from the environment in which they were now living. They transported the canines back to their main facility, where they were given a thorough bathing. They were given their names by a member of NAR and they are Panther, Bear, and Myna.

At the facility, the pups received thorough medical attention and were also given a bath. After that, they were prepared to meet their new surroundings, which would serve as their temporary abode.

At the very end of the film, you could see them curled up together on a single dog bed looking quite content. These unfortunate pups do not have to be concerned about their next meal or drink any more, do they? Now, the NAR is working toward the goal of providing them with a home where they will get all of the love and attention that they have earned.

We are overjoyed that these kind people were able to locate and save these adorable dogs. If you would want to express your support for their shelter, you may either consider sharing this video with others or making a financial contribution to their charity.

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