Finn, a 9-year-old German Shepherd who once served in the police force, had a recent appearance on Britain’s Got Talent with his handler, Dave Wardell.

They wowed the crowd and the judges with some strong mind-reading talents, but it was their unbelievable history that caused everyone in the room to sob uncontrollably.

A few short months ago, Dave was batt ling an armed suspect when suddenly stru’ck Dave with a 10-inch bl ade. Dave was seve rely injured as a result of the incident. The courageous Finn instantly defended Dave, which ultimately led to him receiving knife wounds in the chest and the head.

Dave restrained the suspect and took the injured Finn to the hospital in an effort to save his life. However, Finn’s heart remained unharmed despite having a ho le pun’ched in one of his lungs. Emergency surgery was performed on him, and the physicians were ultimately successful in preventing the dis ease or illness.

Throughout the following few weeks, Finn was dependent on a variety of breathing devices and equipment. Finn was back on the streets, putting an end to activity and saving the day after a prot racted and taxing time of recuperation. In the end, he decided to retire, and Dave brought him home to make him a member of the family and provide him a comfortable retirement!

To show his gratitude to his closest friend, Dave has been advocating for “Finn’s legislation,” which seeks to increase the penalties for those who intentionally injure service dogs. It’s little surprise that Simon, with tears in his eyes, made a particular gesture to these two following the deed. Now that Finn is enjoying his retirement, we have no doubt that he will pick up even more incredible skills to continue to wow us all.

Watch Finn and Dave’s touching story below.

By Elen

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