This occurrence took place in one of the courtyards; however, there were no other people around, and the whole affair was captured on video by a security camera.

The dog and his owner were just out for a stroll when a horrific accident occurred.

She used a bag that was full of food to divert the attention of the pet, and as a result, he was really delighted and leaped with pleasure.

The dog’s disposition, however, started to completely shift as soon as the lady started to back away from him.

When the hostess departed and he could not see her and was unaware of what had really transpired, his joy was quickly replaced by perplexity, and then by a palpable sense of dread.

He had no idea that he was being left behind, so he raced as fast as he could in an effort to get to the hostess and catch up with her. He had no idea that he had been abandoned.

It turned out to be a pit bull, and people soon started calling him Takis.

Animal rights activists located him and took him in for treatment; everyone was astounded by his friendliness and the tenderness he showed to the animals.

The employees at the animal shelter all agree that Takis is a kind dog who never causes any trouble with his behavior, and they have no idea why he was treated with such indifference. They are mystified as to why he was handled in this manner.

He has a lot of vitality, and being around him will provide loving hosts with a lot of joy and satisfaction.

We also have high hopes that he may one day find a place to call his own, one that would shower him with affection and ensure that he is never abandoned or mistreated again.

By Elen

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