There are no boundaries in friendship. It’s possible for a cat to get along well with a dog, for a dog to become friends with a fox, or for a monkey to cheerfully play with a lion. There is nothing unusual about the sight of friendships like this. A Chihuahua who was born without front legs and a chicken that was saved are the subjects of this tale. The two start to develop a close relationship and eventually become inseparable. It is chaste and lovely, and it has the ability to soften even the hardest of hearts.

Roo is the name given to the Chihuahua. Penny, the chicken, who was also saved by Alicia Williams, eventually became the closest buddy of the dog with just one leg.

Alicia found Roo hiding out in a ditch. At that point, the puppy was covered with frost and seemed to have been abandoned by a backyard breeder. The unfortunate puppy did not have any front legs when he was born.

Alicia was also the one who helped save Penny. The cute chicken with the fluffy feathers was a “experimental bird,” and she most likely would have been put to death. Alicia, thankfully, came to the rescue of the animals and given her a place to call home.

Penny and Roo’s relationship is one of those that develops organically. At the Duluth Animal Hospital in Georgia, where Alicia is employed, the two have fun interacting with one another. They share every experience together, from going to bed to going for a stroll in the snow.

Penny had already gone away by the time the narrative was written, but her adorable chick, Pippa, had already made friends with Roo at that point.

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