This family had a large dog, and the beginning of their narrative took place in front of an apartment building with many levels. A pack of vicious canines attacked a German guard, and the guard was unable to defend itself against the attack.

Nevertheless, this lady’s companion was not afraid to stand up for the guard animal and also, getting a board, proceeded to eliminate off the threatening, barking mongrels. He did this while the woman was watching. When the shepherd was saved, the young girl ran over to the enormous pet dog and said, “Dolph!” before embracing him in her arms.

As a result, the shepherd dog, which had been found wandering on the street, was given a name, and it was also able to find a home with a family and owners who loved it. This large and also kind of shaggy person was guarded by a guy who had a lot of affection for it. He loaded it into his car and then drove it to the animal hospital where he had made the appointment.

The veterinarian determined that the dog suffered from disease, and that in addition to this, it needed to be fed properly. They brought the puppy with them to their home in the countryside, where Dolph was really happy to run around the wide grass that they had.

Now that it is a full-fledged member of the family, it goes on road trips throughout the nation with his owners and especially enjoys fishing and eating delicious fish. Additionally, it travels the country with his owners.

It also has a very large quantity of hair, which is why the owners had to buy two robotic vacuums at the same time in order to clean your house from the shaggy’s fur.

In the end, Dolph became a true friend to the little one. They not only spend time together playing, but also sleeping in one other’s beds. She asserts that even after she is an adult, she will continue to live with Dolph.

By Elen

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