This little dog’s name is Shunya.

In a previous life, she was a regular dog that lived in her own house with loving owners who were her favorite people to fall asleep with.

Only one day, when Shunya was out strolling, she became pregnant, else she would have been like a much-loved pet.

The owners did not want any troubles to fall on their shoulders, so rather than dispersing the dogs to other homes, they opted not to worry with them at all, despite having a dreadful want to drown everyone.

Shunya was also given up to the shelter because of this.

However, there was a family that, after hearing the unfortunate events surrounding the dog, decided to take her in for temporary overexposure.

At first, Shunya was in a terrible state of depression, and it hurt merely to look at her.

She would cower in the corner and shake uncontrollably if they attempted to brush or caress her.

It was evident that she had not been showered with an excessive amount of attention.

But this condition didn’t last long, and not only did it go away, but she also began to like going on walks and quickly made friends with the other animals who were overexposed.

Her tail now usually curls into a ringlet and stands on end, but when she was younger, it hung down. This gives her a really amusing appearance.

She has a wonderful demeanor, yet at the same time, she is friendly and lively.

Unfortunately, she cannot tolerate living in an overexposed home for an extended period of time. However, due to her modest stature and accommodating attitude, she would do quite well even in a city apartment that is on the smaller side.

As a result, we have high hopes that this record will also assist in the search for exceptional individuals to serve as Shuna’s hosts.

By Elen

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