On a frigid night in the middle of winter, a cardboard box was discovered lying by the side of the road in their area, next to the trash. They decided to inspect the odd box, and once they did, they found a dog hiding within. It seemed as if he had passed away, yet he was still alive. The tale of Francis is typically told in the following manner:

Because Francis was discovered unresponsive and shivering, it was presumed that he had passed away. To their great relief, they saw that the puppy continued to breathe.

Francis was donated to Community Animal Rescue & Adoption, Inc. (CARA), a small animal sanctuary in Jackson, Mississippi that does not kill the animals who come through its doors. A visit to the veterinary facility provided conclusive evidence that the dog had entered a severe coma while it was still alive.

Even though he remained unresponsive, the professionals at CARA tried all in their power to restore his health. He was kept toasty and comfortable at all times. And on Valentine’s Day, a party was thrown in his honor to celebrate the holiday.

After he woke up, he joined a group of CARA volunteers and went home to lobby for round-the-clock medical attention. He struggled to stand for the first two months of his recovery and had a feeding tube. However, he did get physiotherapy from an outstanding human.

As a result, he made rapid improvement, from being unable to open his eyes or raise his head to standing on his own.

His owner, Harriet Scott, has said the following:

It was a stroke of good luck that this magnificent dog, who had become quite the celebrity, was chosen for us to adopt. To us, though, he will always be Francis—a lovable and lively dog who spends his days running and playing outdoors, snoozing on the sofa, and generally leading the kind of life that we wish every homeless animal had.

Without him, our family just wouldn’t be the same; he has such an immense amount of love for others since the love of individuals is what ultimately rescued him.

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