Chloe is a TikToker and a pet owner. Her Great Pyrenees dog is called Dandy, and she has the dog. Because she has such an incredible amount of affection for her dog, she often posts videos of him on her Instagram account, which is called @danthebigreddog. She has an Instagram account, and she often uploads pictures of Dandy there. Before Chloe dyed Dandy’s fur red, everyone appreciated the affection that Chloe had for her dog, and they all adored Dandy.

Despite the fact that in all of the videos, Dandy can be seen to be joyful, many viewers took offense at what Chloe did and believed it was unsafe for the poor puppy. Even worse, several people swamped her account with harsh comments and accused her of mistreating animals.

Someone said, “Why to dye such a gorgeous dog various colors, they are not toys to fool with,” and another responded with the same sentiment.

In another video, Chloe performed a duet with another TikTok user who demonstrated that the items are perfectly safe by consuming some dog hair dye. She dyed the dog and horse hair using a product from Opawz, which is a kind of dye specifically formulated for use on animal hair.

More than 20 washes are required for the color to fade away from permanent dyes. According to the website, this product is “for creative grooming competition and for use by professional groomers.” “Long-lasting color that is permanent and particularly developed for dogs and horses. Provides bright, stylish, and unusual color effects.”

Despite this, there are a significant number of individuals that disagree with what Chloe did.
One reader stated their opinion, saying, “Of course, it is cruel, of course, it is abuse, the only positive thing is that she has made it plain to the entire world that she is not suitable to keep a dog I hope the authorities step in.”

Someone another chimed in and said, “How would she feel about being colored red as well?” A lady who is both stupid and nasty does not deserve to own such a lovely puppy.

“Neither adorable nor hilarious, it just doesn’t work. Abuse of animals in any form is unacceptable. What would you do if the color went into his eyes or caused his skin to become irritated? What if he were to accidentally put it in his mouth? I believe the owner did this to satisfy her own need to be the center of attention.

By Anna

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