Ksenia Delhi, who is known as one of the most successful model in the world, has always stood out because of her astonishingly gorgeous green eyes, lovely physique, and attractive look. It was a joyful experience for her followers, but on the other hand, many others found it to be a terrible one. In 2016, it was widely reported throughout social networks that she had just tied the knot. It is not because the young beauty’s heart is already taken that this piece of information has been so extensively discussed.

The fact that she and her boyfriend were of significantly different ages prompted the conversations that took place. Indeed, she was confronted with the issue that is more often referred to as public opinion.

It was then discovered that the groom was an Egyptian oligarch. When we spoke, he was 64 years old, and the model was just 28 years old. They are 36 years apart in age, which is a big age gap between the two of them. The young lady is an excellent choice for the role of the groom’s daughter.

They were subjected to criticism immediately after their stunning wedding in Greece, which took place there. The majority of online commenters were critical of the girl for entering into such a transparently commercial union. But now it has been three years, the pair did not provide any justifications but rather continued to have a joyful life together. Their connection has not dropped from its previous high degree of excellence. Over the course of many years, there has not been a single controversy.

In 2018, a beautiful little girl joined the family as a new addition. She was given the name Anastasia. The married couple chooses to have a nice life together in order to mock the ones who are cruel.

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