Kylie Hemer and her husband, Matt, have three children: Tyler, who is 12 years old; Bodie, who is 4 years old; and Kobi, who is 1 and a half years old.

In their household, the primary source of revenue comes from the father’s profession as a truck driver. Kylie has supplemented their income by finding a part-time position in which she cleans baby strollers.

According to what the lady is saying, money is sent into their account once every two weeks; nevertheless, it is promptly spent, and it turns out that all of them live from paycheck to paycheck.

Kylie started to consider the many ways that she might cut costs.

To begin, she made the decision to only spend money on the most essential items.

At first, she compiled a shopping list of the essential items that would be required for the next two weeks.

This includes the repayment of debts, the payment of rent and electricity bills, the cost of communication services, as well as the cost of kindergarten and medication.

Following that, the lady had around $1,500 remaining, which she deposited into the account.

Since that time, the family chooses to prepare their meals at home rather to go out to restaurants, and they go for walks in free parks, swimming pools, and fairs rather than retail malls.

Large supermarkets, which are often the sites of lucrative sale events, are where Kylie shops for the ingredients she needs when she cooks.

In addition to that, she is always using coupons and discount cards.

In the past, Kylie would purchase lunches for her husband and their children to take with them to work and school.

Now that she was on her own, she decided to start cooking, which cut the cost of food dramatically.

In addition to that, she got her husband a thermos, which he started using to transport coffee that he prepared at home.

Pancakes, cakes, sweet bars, chupa-chups, and potato chips are just some of the treats that Mom has mastered on her own in the kitchen.

She was the first to confess that doing things together as a family strengthened their bond.

The husband is now certain that he will be able to care for his family and even put some money away each month for the children’s future education.

By Elen

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