When two friends came upon this small kitten, they had no idea that it was one of the last remaining wild Scottish cats. They had no idea that these cats are endangered.

Pete Macnab, then 32 years old, was once strolling through Cairngorms National Park in the Scottish Highlands with his 11-week-old son, Alastair, and a friend named Piotr. Alastair was holding a buddy’s hand. When they came upon a little kitten struggling in the snow, they did not hesitate to express their compassion for him and assist him. The cat’s paws were so frozen that he was unable to put any weight on them and move since the snow was so cold.

Piotr had no choice but to wear his coat while transporting the freezing cat. The way he described it, it seemed as if the cat was behaving in a manner typical of a Scottish cat and was scratching him extremely badly. The claim made by the veterinarian that this teeny-tiny kitten was a Scottish cat was correct, thus he didn’t make a mistake. According to the findings of the specialists, the population of Scottish cats has dropped to barely 300 individuals, making them a critically endangered species. Unfortunately, not much time passed before the cat passed away, which left the people who found him quite upset.

By Elen

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