What does our conception of heroes entail? It’s likely that he has a towering build, complete with thick facial hair, black spectacles, and ample biceps. But in point of fact, it’s merely a picture from the movie. And the true heroes are among us, but you wouldn’t be able to pick them out of the throng if you tried.

And the city of Ust-Kut is home to a person who exemplifies this kind of hero. His name is Bogdan. On a certain evening, two men were making their way home. Someone was heard wailing and pleading for assistance from a distance all of a sudden. They were just a short distance from the river. It was instantly obvious that someone was in danger of drowning.

Bogdan did not hesitate for a significant amount of time before abruptly throwing himself into the sea, and his companion raced away to get rescue.

To locate the person who was drowning, Bogdan had to swim almost one kilometer when it was dark. The mystery person was revealed to be a little girl. The man grabbed her and started swimming toward the coast once they were together. He never stopped attempting to engage the girl in conversation so that she would feel less threatened by the situation.

After some time had passed, another guy swam up to Bogdan, and the two of them were ultimately successful in bringing the girl to safety on land.

It was then discovered that Bogdan Ogorodnikov is employed as a lifeguard at the nearby river club. He is an excellent swimmer and is trained to provide rescue procedures to those who are drowning. To our good fortune, we did not need the latter. The young lady was transported to the emergency room. Praise be to God that she did not sustain any injuries.

And Bogdan Ogorodnikov received an official commendation “For rescuing a guy who was drowning.” He is a true hero since he is unassuming and trustworthy.

By Elen

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