Every year, at the completion of the busy summer season, a number of sad dogs that have been abandoned started to roam aimlessly around the surrounding communities.

In addition, the owners have no sorrow whatsoever, even in the most severe frosts, and leave their pet outside as if it were a superfluous item.

A dog with the endearing name Hera was likewise subjected to the same treatment.

She made her way through the suburban towns that were located on the outskirts of the metropolis.

Hera was extremely terrified, and it is obvious that she had to put up with comments more than once. In addition, she was unable to sit because she was having problems, and when people walking by noticed this, they disgustedly pushed her away without even considering the possibility of offering assistance.

But thankfully, she became used to searching for food and managing her survival in some way.

However, she had short hair, and when the frosts became more severe, the situation just became more difficult.

Once upon a time, there was a young lady in the community who felt sorry for Hera and brought her to see a local veterinarian.

She trembled with terror, but at the same time, she gazed at the people who had come to her aid with a face that was filled with imploring.

The veterinary surgeon who carried out the procedure said that she was in excruciating discomfort as a result.

Hera was making remarkable progress in her recovery despite the fact that she was still quite young when she was taken away for a period of temporary overexposure.

Hera finally stopped being terrified of everything, became quite friendly with all the animals that lived in the home, and was overall very kind and loving.

It is terrible that there are still so many dogs on the waiting list, but we are keeping our fingers crossed that Hera will be able to find a forever home soon. In the meanwhile, she is currently residing in a temporary home.

By Anna

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