The American public fell in love with Erin Murphy, a former child prodigy when she viewed the young Tabitha Stephens on the hit television program “Bewitched.” She has nothing but nice things to say about growing up in front of the cameras, and she feels that her life now has a deeper meaning in doing so.

Erin Murphy, who had a brief career as a child actor, was born in June 1964, the same month as her fraternal twin sister, Diane Murphy. Tabitha Stephens was the character that Erin played when she appeared on the show of the comedy “Bewitched.”

She was a part of 103 episodes of the show until it went off the air in 1972. During the first season, Erin’s sister, Diane, appeared with her in 18 of the show’s episodes as a co-star.

Despite this, only Erin was allowed to continue appearing on the program as their looks began to diverge. The makers of the show were originally looking for a pair of twins to play the part of the sisters. This was due to the fact that child labor laws limited the length of time a youngster could spend working on set.

Erin was the only one of the siblings who showed a passion for lighting after they had secured the part. She has featured in all of the closeups as well as the major sequences, while Diane was highlighted in the long shots and cutaways. Erin confessed that she had a lifelong interest in things that glowed:

“I like the lighting and it felt great to be working on my set. When they first brought my sister on set, she would weep every time. Even today, she despises doing it.”

Erin was able to make a seamless transition from her Hollywood career, despite the fact that she had a successful stint on the television show “Bewitched.” She also did not have any problem doing so. In spite of the fact that she kept performing after the iconic television program ended, the native of Los Angeles declined offers in the meantime.

Erin shared with Closer Weekly in February 2020 that in light of that event, she decided to leave Hollywood rather than risk being expelled from the entertainment industry. Because she had always been self-assured and had a solid sense of who she was, she was able to make the transition with ease when she became a child star.

Even though Erin had never had any trouble gaining the favor of those around her, she did not feel the need to do so. She was able to turn down other employment opportunities while still finding time to enjoy herself by periodically engaging in activities of her own choosing:

“After ‘Bewitched’ ended, I was immediately presented with several employment opportunities, but I declined all of them. I was offered a role on “The Waltons,” but I turned it down in order to attend Girl Scout camp. As a result, I decided to stop being involved with the company.”

She relocated to Orange County with her family, but she continued to commute to Los Angeles, where she knew she could find secure employment. In Los Angeles, there were always jobs available. Erin did say that she quit going to those taxing auditions when she would be sat next to a hundred other kids who looked like her and were getting rejected.

In the course of recounting her whole story, the star of “Life Uninterrupted” said that she has always had a good outlook on her life and that this mindset has not changed. She has extensive travel experience and has previously had a property on the beach in Malibu. She made the following statement:

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have so many amazing experiences and to meet notable individuals like Carol Burnett. Because I started acting when I was young, I’ve had some very incredible opportunities and experiences in my life. In my opinion, there are a great deal more advantages than disadvantages.”

Even though Erin has been out of the public eye for quite some time, she still has many happy memories of the cast and crew she worked with on the television show “Bewitched.” In an interview that took place in April 2016 with FOX411, she candidly discussed her childhood in front of the camera.

Erin said that she had a great experience working on the program and that she found it to be enjoyable for her. Animals, such as elephants and monkeys, were brought in to guarantee that she had a good time by the people who surrounded her.

Her friendships with the other actors on the set are among the things she remembers most fondly from that time. Erin remarked that after working together for such a long period of time, the cast members began to treat her more like a member of the family.

When questioned about the episodes that she liked most, she said that her favorites were the ones in which Tabitha had to go to school or go into a storybook. These episodes were fun for her because she got to interact with other people.

After her time on the program, the beautiful television actress participated in the film “Deadly Fighters” in 1979. Prior to her time on the show, she was a star in the 1973 film “Lassie.”

The blonde beauty was married to her first husband, Terry Rogers, in 1984 when she was only 21 years old, when she was also raising her first kid. The couple established their home and acting school on a ranch in the state of Arizona.

Additionally, Erin was approached whenever there were film assignments in the area, and she started accepting work in production as well as makeup artistry. At one point in her life, she even had the opportunity to serve as a photo double and do stunts for the actress Virginia Madsen as well as the Academy Award winner Melissa Leo.

Erin remarried a total of three times after her first marriage to Rogers, which lasted for five years, ended in 1989. She wed Eric Eden in 1993, but the couple got a divorce in 1998 after they had been married for five years.

Erin found true love for the third time when she wed Darren Dunckel in May 1998; the pair has been together ever since and continues to live happily ever after. After moving to Los Angeles, she immediately started working again in the entertainment business, doing everything and everything that had to do with that sector, and she never stopped.

Erin hosted reality programs, worked as a celebrity judge, endorsed products, and even had appearances on informational commercials over her career. She said that she favored being productive and professed her enthusiasm for the show industry in an interview with FOX411.

Erin made a passing reference to the fact that she would be interested in making a comeback to acting and said that she had always promised herself that she would return to the industry and give it a more serious effort. She gave thanks to her time spent on “Bewitched” for the positive reception she received from the public and revealed that she performed a significant amount of theatrical and television work in Los Angeles.

The star of “The Comeback Kids” even managed to buy her ideal automobile, a Tesla, along with her dream home, which is located on a beach. Erin noted that taking some time off to enjoy her life would still be a priority even if she expressed interest in working full time. This is because she wants to make the most of her life.

She has not only been successful in obtaining her goals, but she also runs two profitable enterprises of her own. Both Erin Murphy Knits, where she sells alpaca knitwear that she produced herself, and her most recent business endeavor, Slim Chillers, which are frozen vodka martini ice pops that are available in almost every state, are owned by the TV personality.

Erin’s professional life isn’t the only thing keeping her busy; she also has six children at home to care for. “I am a father to six sons. It is an incredible amount of enjoyment. It’s a good time all around. It’s a crazy lifestyle, but it’s a lot of fun “she added in reference to becoming a mother.

Erin responded that she only had one sister and that she grew up believing that “The Brady Bunch” was an amazing program, which is why she always longed to have a huge family and why she had so many children when asked why she had so many children.

“But realistically, I always wanted one boy and one girl, so maybe if I’d had a girl in there, I would have stopped at three or sooner, but other than that, I wouldn’t change a thing,” she said. “But idealistically, I always wanted one boy and one daughter.”

Erin is devoted to being a mother, and in the year 2020, she shared with Closer Weekly that she only had three more years before her youngest son completed his high school education.

The elated mother said that she is the mother of one autistic kid who requires specialized care and occupies a lot of her time. Erin said, “But I will always love acting, and it’s possible that I may acquire an agent again.”

When asked whether any of her offspring had shown interest in following in her footsteps, she responded with a negative answer. Erin added that she would be happy to encourage, assist, and lead any of them on their adventure if they were interested, and she also emphasized that every parent should support their children in whatever road they want to choose.

Erin’s life has always been complicated by the fact that she volunteers her time for a variety of charitable organizations. However, she started interested in the cause even before she had her son Parker, who has autism; once Parker was diagnosed, she devoted even more time and energy to the cause.

She participates in board meetings, is active in volunteer work, and gives presentations at events. Erin is of the opinion that it is vital to provide emotional support to other parents who have inquiries about the disease due to the fact that autism has become one of those conditions that are now prevalent.

She is grateful to have the life she has and for the opportunities, she has had, and she has a strong belief in the importance of giving back to the community. Erin said that she made use of her position to raise awareness about important problems facing society.

She pats herself on the back for raising children who have a good view on life and possess her philosophy, which is to choose whether to weep or laugh in any given situation. As a parent, she believes it is her duty to demonstrate that way of life to her children.

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