Judy Obregon, the founder of a canine rescue organization called The Abandoned Ones, received a phone call regarding a stray Poodle-mix that she had been attempting to save for many days. However, when she saw the photograph of the dog laying on the ground, she realized she had arrived too late. He had already passed away.

Obregon received a call earlier in the day reporting that neighborhood children were harassing the dog.

According to Obregon, who spoke to The Dodo, “kids were throwing food out on the street, causing the dog to rush out into the street.” “Then several youngsters tied a water hose around his neck, which was seen by neighbors.”

To no effect, Obregon returned to the area three more times, each time unsuccessfully trying to capture the dog. It was then that the woman who had contacted her about the dog in the first place sent her the heartbreaking photo, which she couldn’t stop crying over it. If only she had been able to apprehend him earlier.

“I broke down and sobbed because I felt like I hadn’t done enough,” Obregon said. As I said before, “I felt like I didn’t there in time to save this dog before he ended up in this scenario.”

Obregon, on the other hand, felt that the dog didn’t deserve to be left in that state, so he walked over to see him. It was the most fantastic and unexpected event that occurred when she arrived.

The next time Obregon saw him, he was still in the same position, but his head was up. “I was perhaps the happiest person on the planet at the time.”

Obregon scooped up the puppy and called him Gully after the town’s mascot. She was positive that if she hadn’t arrived at the right time, he would not have made it.

Gully had been starved and dehydrated for many days. He couldn’t walk because he was too weak. He had also been traumatized, which was understandable.

Gully, on the other hand, was finally able to relax once he was in Obregon’s car. He was aware that he was being saved from his situation.

“He began kissing me on the lips,” Obregon said.

Gully made a complete recovery after just a few days at the veterinarian’s office. During the time they were looking for a permanent home for the worthy pup, Obregon’s friend, Crystal, took him in as a foster.

When Gully was introduced to people, they were all taken aback by how fast he had put his days on the streets behind him and had begun to trust people right away.

Then Obregon received some wonderful news: Gully had found his ultimate home!

It seems like he has the ideal life and will never have to worry about being hungry or being cold again. No one will ever treat him unfairly. The ‘dead’ dog turned out to be very much alive– and doing well!

Obregon will be eternally thankful to the lady who phoned her and provided her the tragic picture of Gully. She will never forget her.

According to Obregon, “this is why I do what I do.” “And I have to admit that Gully would not be alive today if it weren’t for that neighbor, who I will never meet.” “She was pretty much the one who saved his life,” says the author.

By Elen

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