The majority of us are looking forward to our days off. Of course, it entails a period of relaxation and rest, as well as recharging our batteries. We may go to see family, take a cruise, or just relax in our spare time. On his days off, this mailman, on the other hand, does something completely different and absolutely wonderful. He spends the most of his time washing the gravestones of dead troops. If a grave has difficulties, becomes unclean as a result of the weather or simply as a result of the passage of time, he begins to clean and restore it.

Clarence Hollowell works as a mailman in the state of Florida. In addition to working six days a week, he volunteers in his local community on his one day off. But, no matter what the weather or the time of year, he’ll get to work on a grave no matter what. Almost every Sunday and holiday, he puts in a tremendous amount of time and effort cleaning headstones.

Every week, you can find the 60-year-old veteran cleaning up the cemetery in his neighborhood, which he does for a living. He is on the lookout for troops who were between the ages of 18 and 20 and who have not returned to their families. His next move, on the other hand, is quite unusual. He looks into the soldier’s family history on in order to learn more about them. In this approach, he is able to build a more intimate bond.

Every headstone takes around two or three weeks to clean, and it is a significant amount of effort. Clarence is careful and pays close attention to every detail. He purchases a specialized cleaning solution online and has a large collection of instruments, each of which performs a specific function. Using “a plastic scraper to remove growth, a soft handled brush, a toothbrush for tiny places, and water,” he claims to have achieved success.

Clarence went on to say that he feels it is our responsibility to care for our fallen heroes. Soldiers “gave up their tomorrows so that I might enjoy my today,” he claims. Everyone needs a project, and I believe that if you can serve the community, that is even better.”

By Elen

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