As a parent, one of the most rewarding experiences you may have is realizing that you share certain interests with your children. Sharing some of the same interests is a terrific way to strengthen a relationship, particularly if the interests include music!

While it is likely that the father in the cute video below anticipated that moment, it is also likely that he did not anticipate it occurring so early in his bond with his daughter. You see, even though his daughter is still in diapers, she is already a huge admirer of Bon Jovi’s songs. Actually, she is a huge fan of her father’s renditions of Bon Jovi songs on his guitar!

Sydney Foye – this little sweetie – is just eight months old, but she already has a well-established taste in music, despite her young age. And she isn’t hesitant to show off her inner rocker when the occasion calls for it. Because of her incredible reaction, despite the fact that she can barely stand on her two tiny feet, this baby girl feels every beat of the music in every bone of her tiny body.

“She was exactly the ideal height to reach up and pick up the guitar and start playing it,” Sydney’s father, Aaron, said. “On top of that, she rocked out!” The good news is that mom was there to capture this amazing moment of father-daughter bonding on film. A traditional father-daughter encounter, as described in the video description, “that you may have seen before.” This is a video of a cute 8-month-old newborn girl who is having a good time with her father while listening to the famous Bon Jovi song “Wanted Dead or Alive.”

You can see this gorgeous moment in the video below!

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