Life is full with surprises. In one minute, you have everything, and the next, everything is turned upside down, leaving you scratching your head, wondering how things could have taken such a terrible turn in such a short period of time.

Dakota Nelson’s life was turned upside down in an instant when his beloved wife went unexpectedly. He was left to care for his wife’s seven children on his alone for the first time. The tragic episode occurred earlier this year, when the couple was cleaning up around the garage on a Saturday afternoon. Dakota dashed inside the house to get something fast, and when he returned, he saw Ream sprawled over the floor. She was completely unconscious, her face was blue, and she wasn’t even breathing anymore.

She had been without oxygen for almost 20 minutes when he attempted to resuscitate her with CPR, but when the paramedics got on the scene, they were informed that he had done all he could to save her. She was transferred to the hospital, where she remained for many weeks in a coma until passing away from this mortal coil. What caused her death is still a mystery to this day, though.

Dakota found himself in a predicament of extreme vulnerability. He was well aware that he needed to provide a comfortable life for his children, who ranged in age from one to sixteen. Because of this, he began working three part-time jobs to supplement his income and pay the expenses. He was divided between a slew of obligations and the many errands he had to conduct on a daily basis.

This sad widower and single parent, on the other hand, never gave up hope.

Donor who wishes to remain anonymous.

Dakota’s story was discovered by a complete stranger, who then chose to do something extraordinary with it. When you consider that Christmas is right around the brink, his gesture was a true holiday miracle that would transform the lives of this family forever and drastically alleviate the financial stress Dakota was under.

Dakota received a gift from the “Secret Santa,” which included a $10,000 check. This sum of money was more than sufficient to pay a portion of the family’s needs, and it arrived at just the appropriate moment.

Dakota burst into tears of happiness as a result of this. He couldn’t believe there were still individuals who were nice and compassionate in this world.

If you’d want to contribute in any way to Dakota’s well-being, please visit the GoFundMe page set up by Ream’s sister.

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