Justice Pit bulls, like most canines, are more complex creatures than they seem on the surface. Although he may not seem to be your usual dog, he is rather stunning in his own way! He just got off to a rocky start in life, which was completely beyond of his control. The Shelbyville/Shelby County Animal Shelter took in Justice after he had been mistreated and abandoned, according to zenoonee.

At the shelter, he finally experienced what it was like to be loved and appreciated in the way that all dogs should be. Justice is now finally able to enjoy life and triumph against the obstacles.

In 2018, a man named Justice was spotted walking the streets of Indiana. When he was around two years old, he was covered with terrible chemical burns that looked to have been intentionally inflicted on him. To have lived on his own for even a short period of time was an incredible feat!

Justice received the medical treatment he needs very quickly thanks to the efforts of the group. At first, he had to be covered in bandages to keep him from bleeding out. It was only after that that his skin started to heal and part of his fur began to grow back. The fact that he will never look the same as he did before the tragedy is alright with me. He is adored by the shelter workers for who he is, and it turns out that the rest of the world feels the same way.

“At first, he was quite depressed,” Jessica Lynch, a veterinarian, said. “He’s come a long way, to be honest with you. Today, he exudes a great deal more personality. Currently, he’s a really joyful and lively young child.”

After almost a year of medical treatment and training, Justice was ready to be adopted by his new family. Many admirers had already queued up to adopt him, including individuals from all around the country and from all different states! In spite of this, the shelter would only accept applications from anyone living within a 100-mile radius of the facility because the veterinarians wanted to be near by in case Justice needed any more care in the future.

The New Beginnings of Justice

Justice was adopted as soon as possible, just as had been intended, and he quickly settled into his new family. Due to the large number of people who followed him on social media throughout his stay at the shelter, his parents continue to post updates on him on the shelter’s social media pages. They’ve made it clear that, despite his experience, the adorable puppy is presently having a good time in his new home.

In light of Justice’s turbulent history, he proved to be an especially challenging candidate to train. He grew rebellious and fought back when he was told what to do on a regular basis. It was for this reason that an incredible dog trainer called Lexi worked diligently with him for more than a year in order to teach him. He progressively became more and more in love with her, and he is now much more willing to comply with her wishes.

Justice becomes more at comfortable in his own house with each passing day. Compared to before, he is lot more loving, and he even begs his devoted parents for belly massages on a regular basis. Although rolling over may seem to be a little motion, it is really a sign of weakness in the majority of dogs. Justice’s complete faith in his people is shown by his willingness to have his stomach rubbed. While he is among them, he is certain that he will never be harmed or abandoned again.

Justice for the sake of Justice is a noble pursuit.

Almost from the beginning, the shelter has been working relentlessly to find out who was guilty for Justice’s exploitation and abuse. The initial reward for this person’s conviction was $5,000, however it has subsequently been upped to $20,000 as a result of his conviction.

Unfortunately, the investigation is not yet complete, but countless anonymous tips have assisted in bringing the shelter closer to completion. “Roscoe” was the name of Justice’s previous owner, who they recognized as the guy who used to have Justice. Prior to the occurrence, the person claimed that they had given Justice away, although it is unclear whether or not they are telling the truth. No matter what happens, there is not enough evidence to bring anybody to justice for this horrible act.

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