Who can argue with my belief that all parents deserve only the best for their children? They take care of everything for us – they feed us, educate us, and do all in their ability to make our lives easier!

Some claim that it is their responsibility and that they have no option, but this is clearly not the case! You will never forget the person who gave birth to you and who taught you how to talk, walk, and do other things.

Occasionally, parents are still admitted to a nursing home because they need care, they require care, or they have physical or mental impairments that require care. Then they will all need the assistance of their children and other loved ones.

This is a narrative of a family consisting of a mother, a father, and their kid, who lived together. When his father passed away, the child assisted his mother in moving into a nursing facility.

His tolerance had run out after all of this, and he only went to see her on rare occasions. However, one day he was summoned out of the house to tell him that his mother had become ill and was dying. He arrived soon, sat down next to her, and inquired as to what she wanted to talk about.

And she said that she need a fan as well as a refrigerator in which to store food since she sleeps hungry. The guy’s eyes welled up with tears, and he inquired as to why she had not brought it up before.

And although mom admitted that she was already used to sleeping hungry and even when she was hot, she expressed concern that her son would not get accustomed to it if his children brought him there.

Following these remarks, his mother passed away in his arms, and the son sobbed as he clutched his loving mother, who was already dead from suffering…

By Elen

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