In 2011, the Dane County Humane Society discovered that the kitten had many medical difficulties and decided to take her in. Lady in a Fur Coat (or Lady for short) was a homeless cat that was taken in by the Dane County Humane Society. Her ear flaps were removed due to severe chronic infections and bleeding hematomas shortly after she was admitted, which was a disappointment.

In the end, thanks to a generous donation from a staff member of the Dane County Humane Society, she was able to wear a bonnet with cat ears in place of her missing ears. Lady looked really stunning in her new pair of earrings, and she was overjoyed with her thoughtful present.

Lady’s tale was then published on Facebook by the charity in the hopes of finding her a forever home. The post rapidly went viral, and people all around the world fell head over heels in love with her. Surprisingly, Lady was adopted by a loving and caring owner less than 24 hours after the story was shared.

Her treatment was provided by the organization’s personnel after only a few weeks, and she soon found a new pair of ears and her perfect mate, a forever home, and a kind human who will shower her with love and provide her with a heart full of compassion.

Lady, despite the fact that she has lost her ears, can still hear properly and is a very happy and affectionate cat. Whenever she meets someone new, she gives them a gentle head bump and a snuggle.

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By Anna

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