Several puppies were found stashed inside a cardboard box at a Mexican animal shelter, along with a handwritten note explaining the horrible reason why the owner had to surrender the animal.

On February 13th, a shelter in Mexico received a text message informing them that a beautiful puppy had arrived at their door. According to the shelter’s Facebook page, “Someone left this dog at the shelter’s entrance, inside a box, with a text,” indicating that it was abandoned. The note was written by a child, who stated that his father was attempting to sell him and that Mama’s dog was attacking him. Because of this, he left the dog here to save him while he was in his condition of shock.” The note was written by a young boy who explained that he’d had to conceal the dog from his father, who had been mistreating the poor thing since the mother dog had passed away.

Noise could be heard by Andrés as he was walking back to his house from school one morning. While strolling along the street, a pleasant and generous young man approached me. Andrés was walking down the street when he heard noises coming from the box. There was a flurry of activity on the inside. Andrés investigated the source of the disturbance and discovered something that made him feel sorry for the puppies. There were three puppies remaining in the box when I opened it. Andrés was saddened by the words inscribed on the box containing the dogs: “I don’t have time to take care of them, because their mother is sick…” The puppies appeared to be in desperate need of assistance. The puppies were soon transported to her apartment once they had been fed and released from their crate.

It didn’t take long for the child to contact a local rescue center in order for the three canines to be placed in better care. Following some investigation, they discovered that the uncle was from a low-income family and that the dog’s owner had a propensity to change the dogs on a regular basis. The dogs were saved by the family’s son, who transported them to a more secure place. “I only hope that someone comes to the aid of that boy and his three pets,” one person expressed hope. That he might be able to get his pet back from the breeder. It took a great deal of courage for that small man to perform what he did.”

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