Except for those who have lived alone without a home, it is impossible to fathom what it is like to be alone without a home. What you don’t realize is how horrible that is, or how you can survive in that state for days, let alone months or years.

The senior dog in this story has had a horrible past that will shatter your heart, as will you. She’d been living under a shipping container for nine years, going through each day alone and deprived of everything she’d come to take for granted. After she was rescued by Hope For Paws, an animal rescue organization, she was able to begin a new chapter in her life.

Earlier this month, they got a request for assistance from a woman who stated that she had come across a dog in a junkyard while carrying out TNR work in the neighborhood. As soon as the squad arrived, they discovered the dog hidden beneath a shipping container. The stray dog had been living on the streets for nine years until she was rescued. People informed them that the puppy’s owner had been deported and that the sad puppy had been left in these appalling housing conditions, which they confirmed.

Every now and then, somebody in the area would offer her food in an attempt to assist her. But, of course, no one could deny that it wasn’t enough to satisfy her needs at the time. Along with having a lonely existence, the miserable dog was also suffering from agony. She was struck by a truck and did not receive medical treatment when she was taken to the hospital. As a result, she will be blind in her right eye for the rest of her life.

The team spent some time spoiling her with gifts, and eventually, they gained her confidence. They carefully removed her from beneath the crate and gave her the name Josephine. Her nickname was Pheenie, and she was well-known for it.

People were able to pet her and she appeared to be unafraid of them. It had been much too long since she had experienced such intense love and affection.

They decided to take her to the veterinarian for treatment after realizing she was sick. They gave her a bath (which was the first she’d had in years) and then examined her for her health. According to the report, she was experiencing a variety of medical issues and required treatment. Nevertheless, she was now in a secure location and had a sunny spot to rest her head.

After living such a dreary existence, Pheenie found her way to the sun. She was provided a new life full of affection by Hope For Paw’s L.A Animal Rescue friends. When it was warm outside, Pheenie enjoyed it, but when it was cold, she enjoyed it even more. During this time, she found several new friends with whom she went out to play on a regular basis. She appeared to be living an entirely separate life from the rest of us. After so many years, she had finally been re-loved, and she deserved it!

Following her rescue, Pheenie laid down next to the hearth, where she took her last breath in complete comfort.

Her fondest recollections will be of the few months she had left in a safe and caring household.

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