A baby boy born in India was rejected by his bio parents from the minute they lay eyes on him for the first time. There was, however, another family who was ready to accept him.

When infants are born with medical issues, their parents are faced with a slew of emotional and financial difficulties. Being a parent who has to witness a beloved child in agony or in need of medical attention can be quite difficult.

When their children require intense care, many parents are unable to devote the time necessary to care for them. It’s a good thing that there are angels on this planet who are willing to step forward and fill the void—Jessica Paulraj and her husband Raja were two of those angels.

Adam Paulraj was one of a kind as he was growing up. To be more specific, he was one of 26 people. He was born with a syndrome known as Bartsocas-Papas, which affects about 26 people around the world, according to his mother.

His original family was adamant about accepting his deformity because of the unusual disease that had caused his disabilities. The Paulrajs were working in a missionary hospital in India when they came into contact with Adam, who was in good health with regard to his brain, heart, and lungs.

In the belief that God had meant for Jessica to be Adam’s mother, Jessica and her hubby adopted the baby boy from a foster family in Jacksonville, Florida.

This is what she had to say about her father:

“When Adam came along, it was completely unexpected for me, but there was a feeling from the very beginning that the Lord was saying, this is the child I have called for you to care for,” I recall thinking.

On the day of the baby’s birth, Raja met him for the first time, and the pair fell in love with him immediately. His parents were grateful for the opportunity to nurture such a wonderful and one-of-a-kind baby boy when his adoption became official in 2001. However, the journey had many difficulties.

The family searched for the best medical care available in America and was fortunate enough to find a doctor who was ready to assist them. Adam underwent more than ten surgeries within the first year of his life, and medical professionals expected that he would require additional treatments in the future.

Fortunately, generous donors collected tens of thousands of dollars to assist them with their financial obligations. In addition, Scott Morphew used his One Spark display to generate money for Adam and the other children in need.

When the infant boy first met Morphew, he was dressed in a smart ensemble consisting of spectacles and a checkered cap. His ecstatic father made the following observation: “He’s wearing glasses now, just like a professor… Adam, we’re quite pleased with you.”

Crawling was a favorite pastime for their son, according to his parents, who also enjoyed listening to music and playing with toys. With each passing day, he developed into a fearless and self-assured young man.

Jessica had a chance encounter with a teenage kid who had the same disease as Adam in 2013, and she was inspired by his growth. Because the teenager used prostheses, went to school, and participated in sports, she gained confidence that Adam would have a long and meaningful future as well.

Jessica received a letter from the adolescent that touched a sympathetic chord with Adam. The following is what the youngster said in his note: “Being myself can be difficult at times. However, I enjoy being myself.”

People were taken aback by how quickly the community rallied to the cause of little Adam’s recovery. Not only in terms of their financial situation, but also in terms of their care and regard.

Doctor John van Aalst, who monitored Adam’s medical treatment, claimed that his other patients frequently inquired about Adam and how he was faring on his medical journey.

Van Aalst went on to say:

“Is it possible that [Adam] will be perfect? Yes, he’s already at the pinnacle of perfection. Is he going to be considered normal by the rest of the world? Never.”

Adam, a four-year-old boy who tragically contracted pneumonia in 2016, was admitted to the hospital for the final time. After returning home, his mother noticed that his condition had suddenly deteriorated and that he needed to be admitted to the hospital immediately.

Jessica conveyed the following heartbreakingly:

“It’s still a little surreal. That pneumonia was the root cause of everything. That he’s no longer here. It comes at me in the strangest of ways… And anyone who believes that time will make things better is incorrect. I don’t agree with you. It’s only getting worse.”

“Despite the fact that we do not mourn in vain…we have a deep, deep HOPE… I really wish we didn’t have to go through this process of mourning. Adam, I’m going to miss you. And I’d choose you over and over and over again, no matter what “The distraught mother went on to say more.

Adam’s tale impacted many people’s lives, and people all across the world expressed their condolences and well wishes to Adam’s family. Jessica reported in 2022 that she had checked onto her previous blog and had been “humbled and grateful” to read the messages of support and affection that had been left for her.

It was incredibly difficult for the family to lose their kid, but knowing that his tale had an impact on others meant everything to them. Adam may have been absent from the face of the earth for a long period of time, but he unquestionably left a lasting impact.

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