Unfortunately for this poor little puppy, she was on the edge of passing away when fortune intervened. It came at a moment when there appeared to be nothing left to look forward to in life, and it changed everything.

Valentine’s Day happened on February 14, 2016, and it was a beautiful day. Brandon was riding his motorbike down the Texas Highway at breakneck speed.

When something unexpected happened on his way to meet his father, he was taken by surprise. A guy made fun of a dog that was in the center of the road.

An approaching motorbike gave him the opportunity to kick and beat the unhappy animal. He then threw the dog into the air and rushed back to his vehicle.

When Brandon approached the dog, he saw his tormentor driving away in a sport utility vehicle. Fortunately, the animal was able to continue breathing.

Brandon wrapped the helpless child in his jacket and set off to find the criminal who had made fun of him earlier.

Despite the failure of his endeavor, the rider gained a new buddy that day, whom he afterwards dubbed Mr. Davidson (Mr. Davidson).

When Brandon heard about the event, he was so affected that he established BAAANG (Bikers Against Animal Abuse National Global), which is an acronym that stands for Bikers Against Animal Abuse National Global.

To search the city for animals in need of aid, he’s recruited a large team of volunteers. In fact, the guy wrote a song about how their paths happened to meet by happenstance.

Brandon and his first pet, Harley the dog, became good friends with Mr. Davidson throughout the course of the year.

In time, the two grew attached, and the dog is now accompanied by the rider on his journey as if he were his co-pilot.

Many people have heard about Brandon’s wonderful redemption story, and now people from all around the globe are sending him letters of thanks and respect in response to his efforts.

He takes the award humbly, stating that he couldn’t turn down the opportunity to save the dying creature.

A miracle of this magnitude may be performed by anybody, provided they are not indifferent. There are still far too many “non-humans” in the world that despise animals and make fun of them.

In the event that they are confronted with worthy opposition in the name of the law, they will think twice before raising their hands against another helpless creature in the future.

By Elen

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