A professional pianist in Ukraine opened her piano bag for the last time, hoping to perform one more time before they were forced to flee their country.

In Kyiv, where the video was shot, there is a terrible and depressing condition as ruins can be seen all around.

Irina Manyukina gave one last performance of Chopin’s music among the rubble of her home, which had been severely destroyed by Russian air raids during the war.

Sadly, Manyukina’s daughter filmed the heartbreaking clip, which shows mom playing her grand piano at home in Bila Tserkva, some 80 kilometers from Kyiv. Heaven alone knows what Maniukina may have been going through as she washed away ashes from her piano a few hours after a bomb detonated 30 feet from her door.

As many others who have been forced to quit their beloved homes and towns in search of safety have done, the 48-year-old fled her hometown after Russian bombings ravaged the region in which she was born, joining the ranks of others who have done so.

When Maniukina starts playing her beloved piano in front of bombed-out windows and broken debris, you have to admire her for her bravery. A portion of the video cuts away from her and shows viewers rubble and the ruins of their family house, in addition to a view of the large hole in the earth.

In an Instagram post on Monday, Karina Maniukina expressed her displeasure with the video, writing, ‘Do not judge, my mother is a skilled pianist and wanted to perform to let go of this matter.’ It’s no surprise that the video received more than 1.6 million views and more than 225,000 likes, as well as 3,900 comments from viewers who were affected by the footage.

The family has moved 300 kilometers to Lviv, Ukraine, in western Ukraine, near the Polish border, where they have been residing since.

Let us continue to pray for the peace and safety of our brothers and sisters in Ukraine, and let us hope that common sense will prevail among the leaders on all sides of the conflict.

Watch the video below…

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