An anonymous phone came in to “Hope For Paws” about a three-legged homeless Chihuahua who had been living in a shoebox for many months. When the rescuers got on the scene, they were completely unprepared for the puppy’s precarious situation.

Even when it rained, the Chihuahua was unable to move due to a lack of mobility. One of the rescuers noticed that she was dripping wet from a recent shower when he touched her. In spite of the fact that she had been cared for by a family for months, it seemed that the Chihuahua was suffering from a number of medical concerns that were causing her to become very sick.

Her suffering had caused her to believe that no one would take care of her since she was ill and disabled from birth. Her eyes shone as the rescuers caressed her gently and assured her that she would be protected, and she welcomed the good humans who had come to save her with enthusiasm!

Princess was named by the rescuers, who promised to treat her with love and care as they brought her back to life. She was given a cleansing bath at the shelter prior to being brought to the hospital for treatment of her life-threatening anemia, which required hospitalization.

Princess has totally healed after months of rehabilitation and is now ready for adoption, according to her foster family. Although she is on three legs, she is a lively child who seeks out her rescuers to give her hugs and cuddles. Princess really deserves a permanent home where she will be cherished and cared for for the rest of her days!

By Elen

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