Kola Kariola is a Romanian animal lover who has dedicated her life to saving and supporting animals in danger. She is a member of the Romanian Humane Society. He and his wife are excellent people who are dedicated to the welfare of animals. He now has his own YouTube channel dedicated to animal rescue films, which you can check out here.

The previous year, Kariola was given the opportunity to rescue a terrified dog from the side of the highway. When he discovered the sad dog, he was taken aback by what he saw happen to him. After being abandoned and forced to starve for several days, he was reduced to a skeleton by his own body.

These heartless individuals, we suppose, must have hearts of stone because they did not provide a helping hand to this unfortunate pooch. He was fortunate enough to be saved by a kind man with a big heart who took the puppy in and took care of him.

He was, on the other hand, scared of everyone as a result of terrible occurrences in his life. In spite of the fact that he had been transported to a secure area, he remained scared and suspicious of others. She attempted to wash him in order to eliminate the grime and muck that had accumulated on his body.

He then kissed and cuddled the dog to reassure him of his safety and contentment. When the man began kissing the dog’s snout, the dog gained more trust.

After being bathed, the dog was given food to eat and a comfy place to sleep. After all, he breaks free of his cocoon and demonstrates his lovable statement. He has now found the loving home and family for which he is so highly deserving.

We’re confused as to why individuals are so cruel to the animals they buy and then discard. No dog should be subjected to such terrible trauma. We would like to express our gratitude to this nice and kind man for rescuing this adorable dog. He is quite priceless. God bless you as you continue your exemplary work.

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By Anna

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