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Clint Eastwood is regarded as a Hollywood legend by many. From his portrayal as John Lucas in the TV western series Death Valley to his poncho-wearing days in a blockbuster movie triptych, the actor has been regarded as a powerful figure with a positive connotation in a lengthy list of westerns. Eastwood depicted a gun-wielding hero in Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More, and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. The three westerns constitute a trilogy written and directed by Sergio Leone. We’ll take a look at Eastwood’s career alongside five images of his youngest son, Scott. The parallels between the two are startling.

Clint Eastwood extended his reign as king of the current western in the seventies when he famously ordered the townsfolk to paint the town red in 1973’s High Plains Drifter. Although he remained working on westerns throughout the decade, Eastwood became well-known for roles outside the genre. The actor even served as mayor of Carmel, California in the late 1980s, according to Some of his other major activities during this time included becoming a father to Scott Eastwood and his daughter Kathryn. Clint’s other children include Kimber, Kyle, Alison, Francesca, and Morgan.

Eastwood’s legacy will continue.

In spite of the fact that his siblings have also taken to the stage, Scott Eastwood is the most famous member of the Eastwood clan. As a way to escape following in his father’s footsteps, Scott started working under his mother’s name, Reeves. You can’t notice the similarities between the young actor and his father’s legendary role. According to CinemaBlend, Scott auditioned for every one of his father’s films. Despite his close ties to the industry, the actor is eager to point out that he didn’t get the role in every audition.

In the Age of the Eastwood Men, the Internet

More than anywhere else, social media has lauded the striking physical resemblance between the famous father and son. At the age of 25, Clint Eastwood dressed as the Ugly Sweater from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly for Halloween in 2016. People all across the world are still uploading and sharing snippets and images from the iconic western film. Photos of Scott and Clint side-by-side on social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and others reveal the men’s shared genes, especially in photos comparing the men at the same age.

Several film buffs have taken a second look at Scott Eastwood’s work. Trouble with the Curve, Flags of Our Fathers, Suicide Squad, Invictus, Pacific Rim: Uprising, The Forger, and Gran Torino were among the films in which the Clint doppelganger appeared, among others. A cowboy film, The Longest Ride (a romance), is included in his filmography.

But one YouTube video that quickly became a fan favorite, in which Scott shared a family anecdote as well as an impression of his famous father, quickly became a fan favorite.

Worldwide tributes to Scott Eastwood and his iconic father, Clint, continue to pour in from fans all across the world. Your thoughts on these resemblances are welcome! Make sure to let us know and tell your friends about this entertaining story.

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