The scene in which Tim the Chihuahua is saved from drowning by his loyal friend Ben the Great Pyrenees takes place at this point.

Despite the reality that Tim cannot swim, he was able to cling to the back of his best friend during the swimming competition.
Ben paddled across a lake near McHenry, Illinois, as Tim sat on his back, taking in the beauty.

When Tim went on a “dog boat trip” on Lake McHenry near his home in Illinois, he had a great time.
Tim, who is fully dependent on his huge buddy to keep him from drowning, is unable to swim on his own because of his physical limitations.

Ben finally made it to the landing strip, but not before thoroughly cleaning himself. As a result, Tim was able to keep his head above water and avoid getting soaked.

A prominent Instagram combo, Big Ben and Tiny Tim have a combined following of around 100 thousand people on the platform.
Video clips of the two of them together demonstrate how much they have matured as friends over the course of their relationship.

They wrote on their Instagram account that when tiny Tim arrived as a foster dog from Texas, he “took 125 lb gentle Ben as his personal sofa, step stool, and pal.

Take a look at this cute video below:

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