It was in a shelter that a young, hungry puppy who had just been taken in met another dog who had had a similar trauma, and the two became fast friends. Despite the fact that Travia was unclean and weak, she was not attractive.

It was impossible for them to pass up the chance to save another dog they had saved a year previously while investigating the cause of Travia’s illness.

This is not the first time our darling Evan has been found in a similar situation in our parking lot,’ said the owner.

The authors said, “It hurts our hearts to witness another creature endure through the same experience that Evan has gone through.’ Evan was the most malnourished canine we’d ever seen who was still living at the time,” says the team.

The work Evan completed was great in any circumstances. Following his adoption, he has become an inspiration to rescue dogs all across the globe, and he is now living with a loving family… Travia is one of these games.

Travia had a visit from Evan lately to encourage him, and the two dogs soon grew in strength as a result. Travia was quickly lured to Evan’s side as the story progressed.

“Travial Pursuit is a game that we all like playing. In view of the fact that it has just been less than fourteen days since he was last spotted out and about, we are pleased with his progress so far.”

By Elen

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