There’s no way around the fact that filling up your car’s petrol tank is quite painful these days!

Many individuals are finding it difficult to finance their daily trips to and from work since petrol prices have risen to more than $4 a gallon around the country. The Oceanside Police Department in California has discovered a way to make a trip to the petrol station just a little bit less traumatic for certain fortunate people, thanks to a generous gift.

The Oceanside Police Department revealed its plan to pay $1,500 to drivers who fill up their tanks at one of the city’s gas stations in a Facebook post. Officers on duty are handed $50 dollars, which they then pay out to anybody who happens to be filling up their gas tank at the time of distribution. Dylan Garcia, a motorist from California, described receiving a little assistance at the pump as “pennies from paradise!”

In order to pay for this pump and this vehicle, Dylan claimed he was spending over $300 a week. “I get like 8 miles per gallon, so I’m spending around $300 a week,” Dylan said.

“Random acts of kindness” were performed by the police department on Steven Zufall, who was yet another happy recipient. Steven claims that he has been having difficulty making ends meet.

“It’s really hurt a lot, you know,” Steven said. The fact that it’s taking time away from everything else is harmful. It’s difficult to go to a restaurant right now. Everyday activities such as travelling around are difficult to finance.”

Many individuals are puzzled when they are contacted by an officer, according to Oceanside Police Department spokeswoman Jennifer Atenza, but that uncertainty soon disappears once they see the cash in hand.

The majority of the time, officers don’t have the opportunity to interact with our residents on the best days or under the best circumstances; instead, it’s usually during a crisis or an emergency, and it’s usually not good news that we have to deliver, so this has been a little confusing when we first approach people, but that quickly turns into gratitude and hugs, high fives, and even a few tears of happiness,” Jennifer explained.

“Being able to participate in this has been quite satisfying for us, as it has allowed us to bring some light into what has been a challenging period.”

This sum represents a minor amount of a $20,000 grant awarded to the Oceanside Police Department by Trauma Intervention Programs, Inc. in the previous year. In order to best use the funds, Oceanside Police have come up with a variety of options for how to distribute the funds to those who are in the most need in the community.

They will begin cruising grocery shops the next month, handing out cash at the check-out counter. After that, who knows where they will travel in order to distribute the money!

For the time being, drivers like Esther Mendez could not be more appreciative of a little amount of assistance with her everyday costs.

“This is going to benefit me in so many ways, and I’m quite grateful,” she expressed gratitude.

What a beautiful way to pass it on to someone else! When individuals feel safe and encouraged, they are more likely to participate and contribute to their community.

By Elen

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