A terrible illness claimed the life of Brady Campbell’s father earlier this month, causing him to pass away in devastating circumstances. Although the sad news was delivered to him, the small boy, who is six years old, recalled that he had made a promise to fulfill when he and his father came up with the plan to gather some money in order to take his mother out on a date.

As a result, the Denver-based child established a lemonade shop in order to fulfill his promise, according to Fox News. Only, his extraordinary narrative immediately drew the attention of the whole town, including the local firemen and law enforcement authorities.

In an interview with Fox News 31 Denver, Brady said how his father and he came up with the concept of a lemonade stand to pay for a date with his mother since he didn’t have enough money and he wanted to pay for it. “I did it,” Brady said.

Everyone, even his mother, has been moved to tears by the little boy’s extraordinary effort. “It was very incredible. We were able to feel the warmth and enthusiasm, which was a welcome sight at such a difficult time for us. It had a significant positive impact on our moods and made Brady really pleased. Brandon was a successful businessman who wanted to teach Brady all of the skills he had learned, and I could almost picture it happening. “It brought tears to my eyes,” Brady’s mother, Amanda, expressed delight.

Perhaps we’ll go on a Friday night date with each other. We used to do that when Brandon and I were dating, so I believe we’ll get back into it and make the effort to spend quality time together. “I believe that [the lemonade stand] adds some meaning to such a sad incident,” Brady’s mother said.

Brady was able to sell more lemonade than he anticipated, earning him $244 on that particular day. However, a neighbor has created a GoFundMe campaign in his honor, so he will no longer be compelled to run a lemonade stand. So far, more than $53,000 has been collected to support the cause. The money, according to the New York Post, will be presented to the Brandon Campbell Memorial Fund at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.

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