At the Conserving Poise Pet Culture refuge in Alberta, Canada, several creatures have been spared from danger. “Rescue them all, big and little!” is the slogan of this organization.

While the vast majority of those rescued go on to find permanent homes, a tiny minority of those saved stay for an extended period of time after forming deep bonds with their new neighbors.

Sweetpea, a former bait dog, and Paradise, a blind 2-month-old calf, both had a rocky start in life. Sweetpea was a former bait dog, and Paradise was born blind. After being rescued, their paths crossed and they were both sent to the same safe haven, which was a blessing.

Heaven was saved from the confines of a dairy farm in Alberta. She was fearful and untrustworthy among other animals, so the sanctuary built a special cage for her in the yard to keep her safe and secure. Sweetpea, the haven’s ambassador pet dog, was content with the situation at the time.

A pit bull named Sweetpea was rescued after being mistaken for a lure dog in an underground fighting ring. She was rescued after being misidentified as a lure dog in the ring. She came underweight and with lacerations all over her body, yet all she wanted was to be seen and liked. The charming woman was brought to the sanctuary in order to share her love by working as the primary greeter for all of the people that came to see her.

“They were immediately attracted to one another and became fast friends,” Erin Deems, executive director of the pet rescue, told CBC News.

“There are no limits to the diversity of love. When two animals can have such a strong friendship, it’s pretty emotional.”

They spend their days relaxing in the sun, playing, and exploring the surrounding area. According to Sweetpea, “Heaven is her favorite to brush, so she’s always licking her face and washing her up as best she can,” Deem stated. “They are captivated by each other’s firmness.”

Fortunately, Paradise has been given a specially adapted cart with an integrated halo to aid her in going about without hitting with anything. Heaven is still getting accustomed to going about without her sight, but Sweetpea is always there to pull her back up when she trips.

“They’re both going to suffer the remainder of their days in their sanctuary so that they may continue their connection for as long as they wish,” according to the refuge.

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