Stop doing whatever it is that you are doing right now. These two are certain to soothe your weary heart, and you may even find yourself repeating the video with a grin on your face after watching it. Aside from the fact that they’re beautiful dogs (as are all dogs), there’s a reason why they’re one of the most popular breeds among pet owners. Just be sure to keep an eye on this canine and his human partner!

This adorable dog takes excellent care of the little youngster, as if she were her own! He is, without a doubt, an excellent babysitter. While she is out and about, this golden guy stays close by her side without being overprotective or intrusive. In the middle of her looking out the window, he puts his protecting paw on her shoulder! What do you think happens to the closet when the young girl is in desperate need of new clothes?

Of course, it takes a long time for this small lady to complete the task of putting on her socks and shoes. Despite the fact that she is still a youngster, the dog… That yawn tells you all you need to know.

Consequently, the dog chooses to take a sleep, but the young girl finishes putting on her stockings and steps down from the bed, finding herself using her furry buddy as an extra pillow.

And it makes no difference to him in the least.

Captain Canine brings a step stool for this adorable young girl to utilize when she goes to the toilet to brush her teeth after her bath. As he does every time, he lays a paw behind her for added reassurance.

Golden Boy raises his eyes to the camera from time to time, as if to inquire, “Am I doing a good job?”

You bet you are, buddy!

A moment that has captivated the attention of over 2.3 million viewers and received around 28,000 likes.

And just look at that ecstatic grin on his face! He’s unquestionably brilliant!

It’s remarkable to see such a high level of discipline. In order to follow his small owner about like this, this dog must have gotten a great deal of love and instruction. I’d be interested in having one.

Her hands are wet and need to be dried. Get her a towel to dry off.

If only all of the caregivers and babysitters in the world were as sweet as this canine companion. Consider how pleased everyone would be if this happened. Plus, at the end of the day, they are given a complimentary embrace!

Her meal is shared with him as a token of her gratitude for his steadfastness. Such a cute and adorable little baby!

When his little human falls asleep, he lays a paw on her head to comfort her. The reason for his doing this at this time is unknown, however it’s conceivable that he’s just checking to see whether she’s still sleeping. Perhaps this is how he chooses to display his feelings for her.

His return with a blanket over the small child is the greatest part; he goes out to acquire one and then really drapes it over her.

When she falls asleep, this wonderful dog remains by her side like the devoted protector he has shown himself to be. His temperament may be sweet and affectionate, but I have a sneaking suspicion that he may lunge at anybody who comes too close to his owner.

Take a stroll now, shall we?

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