A kitten rescue was immediately arranged once Kamm’s Cat Guardians learned that kittens had slipped into an unprotected drain pipe.

By the time they came, it was already too late for three of the kittens, but with one kitten still meowing, they realized they had to act immediately to save the remaining. However, since the pipe was eight feet in diameter, they need all of the assistance they could obtain.

This kitten was saved because to the efforts of a large group of people, including Kym and Gary from the Kamm’s Cat Guardian organization, Craig and Mike from local TV station WKYC, and Jim from a nearby Home Depot.

Jim devised a gadget that would make it simpler to catch the kitten in order to aid in his efforts. Nonetheless, it took hours to figure out how to pull her out of the 4-inch-wide drain. Everyone was apprehensive when the kitten finally stopped weeping at the conclusion of the story.

“Come on! Let’s do it!” The rescuers asked her to “please stay with me,” as they moved closer to pulling her from the flooded building.

By the time they were able to save the kitten, it was no longer breathing properly. One of the rescuers performed CPR on her before transporting her to a neighboring veterinary hospital in the hope that it would not be too late. Then, after all of those long, exhausting hours, they were rewarded with the most wonderful sound.

“Shortly after arriving at MedVet, she came around and began sobbing, which was a welcome sound to everyone’s ears,” Kamm’s Cat Guardians said on their Facebook page. When her body temperature returned to normal and she began eating, they kept her in the hospital for many hours.

The kitten, who has now been given the name Matilda, is doing much better. In fact, she has been determined to be healthy enough to participate in the shelter’s foster program, where she will have the opportunity to find her forever home!

In a statement, the shelter said that “thanks to Gary, Kym, Jim, Craig, and Mike, this tiny one will be able to grow up and have a long life.” We are glad for Matilda’s survival, even if our hearts are torn for the people who were unable to be rescued. Please make sure that any exposed drain pipes in your yard are covered.”

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By Elen

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