A cat who wandered to his neighbor’s doorstep for help, has found a wonderful family to love for life.

During the course of her workday, Debbie Harris received a call from one of her colleagues about an abandoned cat. Debbie is a foster volunteer located in Virginia.

The fluffy cat was locked out of the house that he’d known his whole life, and he began wandering about the neighborhood, visiting neighbors’ houses down the street. It was his birth family that abandoned him when they moved away.

The cat had been moving from house to house in search of shelter and food until he ended up outside the home of Debbie’s colleague, who did all she could to keep him safe, fed, and warm. Debbie was heartbroken.

The loving cat would follow his owner around and even became friends with her family dog. Because her husband is very allergic to cats, she was looking for a home where the cat could get the complete and undivided care he so well deserved.

“I scooped up this huge ball of white fluff and took him into my house to foster him,” I said. The Ragdoll in question is simply lovely,” Debbie said about her pet.

He went out of his container and wandered about his new home as if he had already purchased the property. He walked over to the food counter and began to gorge himself. The fluffy feline rapidly demonstrated that he had a ravenous appetite for food.

Following a trip to the veterinarian, it was determined that the 12-pound magnificent kitty was around 2-3 years old. Acute respiratory infection was treated, and many clumps of matted hair were removed to provide him with much-needed respite from the discomfort caused by the illness.

When we went to the vet, he was such a wonderful guy. “He welcomed and rubbed on every member of the crew, and he just purred away,” Debbie said.

He was discovered in the first week of February. Given the impending date of February 14, I decided it would be appropriate to name this adorable kid after a well-known lover. As a result, his given name is Valentino.”

Once he had been well cleaned and groomed, the adorable cat walked about the home, displaying his luxurious long coat in the process. He was overjoyed to be back inside, rubbing up against his owners’ legs continually, as if to express his gratitude for sparing him from certain death.

As his recovery progressed, he became cuddlier and more playful than he had ever been. The Ragdoll breed’s reputation is upheld by this young man, according to his owner, Debbie. It was probably the first time in a very long time for him to come across toys. ” Valentino regained his kitten-like enthusiasm and began to play like a kitten once again. He’d climb up a cat tree or run about the home, getting the zoomies on the inside of his ears. “He had gotten out of his sluggish phase and was experiencing these little flashes of friskiness.” He was taking pleasure in his new pampered existence.”

Initial plans called for the cat to be fostered until he was healthy and ready for adoption, but fluffy boy had other plans. Debbie said that her family was gradually coming under his influence.

Debbie brought the friendly kitty to her other cats, Jojo and Lil Man, who were already acquainted with her. After getting over their uncomfortable getting-to-know-each-other period, they began to spend more time together, but Jojo the calico insisted on being the one to make all of the decisions.

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