A dog named Odie has been chained up and ignored by his owner for the past seven years.

His gaunt body told the harrowing story of his malnutrition to the world. However, it was only because of Sidewalk Specials that the dog’s reluctant owner was able to be dealt with and the dog was placed into care! This was most likely his first good meal in years, and he gobbled up the kibble they gave him.

Odie was taken back to Cape Town and Vet Point for treatment, where he was found to have tick bites, sinusitis, and nine rotting teeth, all of which were removed. Who in their right mind would want a pet that has so many issues, to begin with? The answer is a family with a large number of dogs, horses, and poultry!

Following his rehabilitation, Odie is now living the life he was destined to live with the support of many new friends and a loving family. The wonderful people at Sidewalk Specials, as well as all of their supporters, have given him the perfect forever home!

Watch the video below:

By Anna

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