People regularly believe that dogs and cats are┬áborn “enemies”, but as the following incident will demonstrate, this is not the reality. This may be one of the most bizarre lifesaving stories ever told.

In Melbourne, Australia, a Jack Russell mix dog named Leo gave his life in order to protect and save four newborn kittens from a house fire. When firefighters were attempting to prevent the house from setting the fire, they discovered a dog still inside. Firefighters had to navigate across downed power lines in order to get to the dog.

Leo was found motionless on the floor. He was rescued. It took them entirely by surprise when they lifted him up and discovered what was beneath him! The dog had ringed the kittens with his body in order to keep them safe until help could be brought. Fortunately, thanks to Leo’s quick thinking, none of the kittens were hurt. Firefighters transported the creatures outside and supplied oxygen to Leo, who was suffering from hypoxia. He is now in good physical and mental health.

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