Especially when the cold weather approaches, I am certain that this charming little story will bring so much joy to your hearts. Kyle Krier’s gorgeous family includes a black Labrador named Bo, who is also part of the family. However, one day early this month, the dog began to run away from his home and became disoriented.

The clock was ticking away, and the Kriers were beginning to fear that they might never see their beloved puppy again. Fortunately, Bo’s grand excursion turned out to be only a brief diversion from his daily routine. In the morning, the globetrotter pup had miraculously returned to his hometown of Concordia, Kansas. And, to his surprise, he wasn’t the only one. A phone call was received by Kyle’s wife, Laura, from someone who claimed to have spotted Bo not far from their home. Therefore, the couple set out to investigate, and after traveling 5-6 kilometers, they came across their prankster dog, as well as another dog and a goat.

The parent of the white dog writes, “My wife Laura informed me that there was another white dog in our yard, and Bo went off and refused to return.” In the end, we couldn’t find him despite searching everywhere. We made the decision to return home and wait for him to return, but he never did. I went outside first thing in the morning to check for him, but I couldn’t find him anywhere.”

After Laura received the phone call, however, the smiles returned to their faces almost immediately. Kyle detailed the situation to a local news outlet: “My wife received a call that someone was on the verge of hitting a black lab, a white lab, and a goat on the side of the road. My wife contacted me to tell me the news, and I recognized the voice as being that of our dog. I left work as soon as I could. It looked like they were out working on a cut bean field on the east side of the highway.”

Bo widely knew his human and jumped inside the car without hesitation. His newest companion, a white Labrador, bowed down to him. A little more problematic was it with the other friend, who happened to be a goat. However, after hearing Kyle’s encouraging remarks, she decided to join in as well. “Hey goat, do you want to come along with me in my truck?” Kyle expresses himself. “Come on in! Please take a seat at the back. “Please make yourself comfortable!”

It turns out that Bo’s new buddies were actually rather familiar to the Kriers, despite their differences. Kyle’s next-door neighbors, Chris and Shawna Huggans, are the proud parents of two adorable kittens named Ozzy and Libby. So, after a few amusing misadventures, they were all escorted back to their respective houses.

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By Anna

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