When a guy stopped one day to assist a woman who had become stranded on the side of the road, he had no idea that they would meet paths again years later at his mother’s house. He later discovered that she was one of the nursing assistants who had been caring for his mother at the time.

Do you believe in the power of coincidence? It is our hope that the story we are sharing today may serve as a lovely source of inspiration, strengthening your trust in the power of fate and fortuitous meetings. Chris Wright was traveling to church with his wife and children in Georgia when the incident occurred nearly eight years ago, in 2014.

He was about to pass by when he noticed an automobile parked on the side of the road. It was raining, and he noticed a woman coming toward a petrol station with a gas can in her hand.

As Chris was well aware that the petrol station was approximately a half-mile away, he dropped his family off at church and returned to locate the woman. He then inquired as to if she was all right or whether she required assistance or assistance.

Despite having only five dollars in her purse, the woman informed him that she was out of gas. The woman had made Chris feel compelled to assist her, so he offered her a ride, refilled her gas can, and handed her the $40 he had in his pocket.

She broke down and thanked him profusely for his thoughtfulness. In the course of assisting her, Chris discovered that she was going through a difficult period and was experiencing financial difficulties.

After three years in Georgia, Chris’ mother, Judy Wright, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Chris and his family opted to hire nursing assistants for Judy at home after she was released from the hospital where she was being treated.

Christy Wright’s wife, Carmer Wright, filmed Hector’s wonderful reaction in a video clip that was uploaded to youtube on July 18, 2017.

Chris recalls his father calling him on his mother’s first day back home and telling him about a wonderful and devoted caregiver who had worked for the family. Chris’s mother, Judy, had benefited from her presence at the house, despite the fact that she had not been invited.

When Chris realized that his parents were completely enamored with the aide, he texted her and scheduled a time for them to meet in person. TunDe Hector was her given name. She was unfamiliar to him at first since her hair was different from his.

Chris donned a hat, and even Hector couldn’t tell who he was because of it. When the two of them first started talking, Hector shared a story of a kind-hearted man who had saved her years earlier when she was caught in the rain.

Chris couldn’t keep the tears from streaming down his face when he realized what he had done. Hector was, in fact, the woman he had encountered on the side of the road back in 2014. It was an emotional moment between the two of them when she requested him to take off his hat.

In a heartbreaking turn of events, Chris’s mother died on July 9, 2014. The Wrights were devastated, but they were also grateful to Hector for taking such wonderful care of Judy during her illness. Also revealed was Hector’s interest in pursuing a career as a registered nurse (RN).

As a result, Chris and his family decided that, rather than sending flowers, they would ask relatives and friends to contribute to Hector’s goal of finishing nursing school. YouCaring was used to solicit funds, and they set a goal of $1000 for themselves.

It took less than an hour for them to reach their goal, and within a week, the fundraising had raised an incredible $8,000. It was now time to break the good news to Hector and everyone else. During Chris’s reading of a letter to Hector, the entire Wright family gathered around him.

He began by expressing gratitude to Hector for her unwavering love and support, as well as for serving as his late mother’s “guardian angel.” Their first encounter on the road was recounted by Chris, who shared how he and Hector came to discover their unique connection.

Then came the news that would change everyone’s life, which brought the entire home to its knees. Hector’s reaction, on the other hand, was heartbreaking, as she burst into tears and couldn’t keep her emotions under control.

That her lifelong desire of becoming a nurse might finally come true as a result of the Wrights’ generosity was beyond comprehension. Hector, with tears in his eyes, said: “Please, Lord, have mercy on me! The fact is, you have no idea how scared I was about [how] I was going to pay for my college education…. I was really overwhelmed!”

In a video clip that Chris’s wife, Carmer Wright, sent on YouTube on July 18, 2017, Hector’s heartwarming reaction was captured. To date, more than 92,000 people have watched the viral video. Aside from that, Chris spoke to ABC News and said

God organized and knitted everything together, we are certain of that. ”

The narrative of love, kindness, and dedication is truly inspiring. The following is an additional story with a similar subject to this one: a terminally ill older man was assisted marry the love of his life by not one, but numerous kind nurses.

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