Olive was a stray that was struggling to survive on the streets of Los Angeles, until she was adopted. The unfortunate dog had a difficult life; she suffered from severe cataracts in both of her eyes, which left her completely blind. Because I grew up in Southern California and am familiar with Los Angeles, I can only picture how terrible her life must have been with all of the traffic and automobiles in her immediate surroundings.

Olive’s nightmare was thankfully brought to a close when she was rescued by her owners, Holly Emmerson and her husband Bart. Olive was in severe need of cataract surgery, but gathering the funds for the treatment was a time-consuming endeavor. The couple persisted, and finally were able to gather enough money for Olive’s operation with the aid of friends and family, as well as the West Coast Cocker Rescue, to make the procedure a reality.

After three years, Holly and Bart were unsure of what to expect when the big day arrived. After all, it would be Olive’s first time seeing anything in three years. As the two of them prepared to pick up Olive following her surgery, they were both worried and eager.

Fortunately, Holly was able to capture the moment on camera when Olive takes her first look at them. Olive may be seen coming around the corner of the vet’s office while still wearing her operation cone in the video below. When she first meets her parents, it is such a wonderful moment — the enthusiasm she displays brings tears to your eyes.

As soon as she receives a warm and loving welcome, the ecstatic Olive starts to take an interest in the rest of her surroundings, soaking in all of the things that she’s never had the opportunity to witness before. After that, the three of them go for a well-earned stroll.

It was a fantastic moment for Holly to watch since she says, “Seeing her so aware and gazing us in the eyes was such an incredible moment to experience.”

You can watch the precious video below:

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