This is the joyful moment when a husky yells with happiness after being reunited with its human father after being found half-dead in Ukraine and rescued.
We’d want you to meet Nessy, a cheerful husky that Ukrainian soldiers came across when they recaptured the capital after a month-long Russian occupation.

Despite the fact that she was taken from her biological father when the Russian forces arrived, video footage has lately emerged showing her being reunited with him.

We can see her sprinting before she looks at her father, and then we see her running around the house wildly wagging her tail and roaring with delight.

She was discovered by the Kastus Kalinouskiv Battalion, a group of Belarussian soldiers who had enlisted in Ukraine and had tracked her down.

As soon as they were able to track down the person who had raised Nessy, they began planning a reunion. They posted footage of the meeting on Facebook with the caption: “A little positive in these trying times.”

“While we were searching for Bucha, we came across Nessy the dog, who appeared to have been abandoned. Thanks to our friends, we were able to locate her new hosts, and she has returned to them today.

“Take a look at this intense emotional moment….” While some treat people like animals, we will continue to fight for the lives of not only humans but also all other species,” says the author.

Here is the video:

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